KEI Cables & Wires Range

Available cables and wires range Solar Cables, High Voltage Cables, Rubber Cables, Single Core/Multicore Flexible Cables and Winding Wires

Solar Cables

Flexiable Wires

Submersible flat cables (Three Core) for voltage upto 1100V AC
- Fits perfect required grommet
- AS per IS dimension
- Perfect sheathing for under water application

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Color Coding Red, Yellow & Blue

LT Cables

Low Voltage Cables come in a variety of sizes, materials & types, each particularly adapted to its uses. Cables consist of three major components: conductors, insulation & protective outer sheath.

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Temperature-40°C to 90°C

HV Cables
Rubber Cables

HT Cables

KEI, as a leading high voltage cable manufacturer in India has a state of art high voltage cable plant that uses German technology and features a manufacturing capability of upto 220KV.High Voltage cables

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Manufacturing Capability Upto 220KV

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